10 Simple Ways To Make You Happier In 2018

10 Simple Ways To Make You Happier In 2018

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Home Security Vacation Alert

Although there is no sure-fire way to protect a break-in for most of us, preventive measures are critical to deter a burglary, aside from an installed security system. 1) Ask someone to keep an eye on things Nothing beats a good neighbour or a good friend who can drop in periodically. Do provide them ..

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Top 10 Melbourne Cup Facts

Once again, Australia celebrates - The Race that Stops The Nation - in November. Held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, this will be an event of glamour, excitement and fashion. As you enjoy the day, here are some fun facts that you could have up your sleeve that makes you sound like a true fan.

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Spring Around the World

Spring blossoms hope in our hearts. Celebrated around the world with joy and gladness, let us take an armchair tour of the world and discover 10 unique cultural spring festivals - who knows, we may even adopt some of these festivals into our homes.

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Sprout Your Own Vegetable Patch

The blessed season is upon us again! As the Beatles’ “Here comes the sun” and Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” echo in our minds, let us welcome spring by planting our very own vegetable garden.

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Warming Our Winters

Fire. A word that ignites deep emotions and trigger a plethora of thoughts. It is innate, instinctive and powerful. Destructive or Life-giving? Religious, mysterious or holy? Dangerous or comforting? The ancient fire-pits that were used in all 5 continents of the world throughout history, continue to ..

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Downsizing? 9 Vital Questions to Ask

Following the recent 2017 Budgets and a recent survey (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)), this article discusses consideration for downsizing. The survey revealed that 43 per cent of Australians aged 50-59 have moved to a smaller dwelling or different location as they approached ..

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Embracing Happiness at Home - the Danish Way

The United Nation's 2017 World Happiness Research ranked Australia as one of the top ten happiest nations in the world. Denmark has been consistently ranked amongst the top 3 and they attribute it to "hygee". This article summarises 10 ideas on Creating a "Hygee" Home and how you can create an atmosphere ..

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Easter, A Time to Resurrect

How we love Easter! From young, we have happy memories, from Easter egg hunts to chocolate bunnies that satisfy our sweet craving. It is timely that we take a moment and reflect on the meaning of Easter – rebirth, renew, renaissance. As Australians welcome autumn, let us allow Easter to remind us of ..

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Happy Tenants Mean Long-Term Investment Returns

A happy tenant is more than just a tenant renting a property who doesn't have any complaints. The smart investor knows that a happy tenant equals a long-term return on their investment and that whilst it may take a bit of extra effort to keep tenants happy, it's always worth it.

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How To Keep Vacancy Rates Low

Vacancies are the bane of every property investor’s life. They’re costly and time-consuming and if they happen frequently or for an extended period, they can negatively impact on the financial performance of the property investment. Keeping vacancy rates to an absolute minimum should therefore be a ..

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5 Mistakes That First-Time Landlords Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Everyone makes mistakes - it’s just that some are more costly than others. And for first-time landlords, the learning curve can be steep and there can be some painful lessons along the way. But although being a landlord isn’t easy and experience counts for a lot, there are many things that first-timers ..

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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Property Manager

The merits of investing in a residential rental property are well-known, but what is less well-known is the impact - both positive and negative - that a property manager can have on the financial performance of that investment. In short, the choice of property manager is critical. The right choice ..

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How To Keep Your Investment Property In Tip-top Shape

In the same way that a healthy lifestyle is an important contributor to our general wellbeing and longevity, proactive steps to protect the health of an investment property play a key role in its long-term performance. What you get out of it depends on what you put in. Keeping your investment property ..

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Advantages Of Apartment Living

High-rise living is on the up in Australia. To give you an idea of just how rapidly this property sector is growing - consider this statistic from the biannual crane count survey done by global property and construction consultants, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB). There are currently more cranes working ..

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How To Ensure Profitability When It Comes To Your Property Investment

Property investment is a proven vehicle for building wealth over the long-term, but financial success takes time and effort - and of course, it depends largely on making the right choice of investment property in the first place. Here are some tried-and-tested principles that will amplify the chance ..

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What Type Of Investment Property Should You Choose?

Property has always been considered to be one of the safest and most rewarding long-term investments, so if you’re considering making an investment in property, you will probably want to know what type of property you should choose.

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Five Things To Look For In A Family-Friendly Suburb

If you’re looking for an investment property which will appeal to families, make sure you’re looking in the right suburb. To make things easier, let’s look at some of the key essentials that make up a family-friendly suburb.

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions By Tenants

All new tenants will always have a list of questions they want to ask. Some questions are more common than others so here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about tenancy:

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The Benefits Of Long-Term Property Investment

Buying property can be an excellent way for people to protect themselves against the impact of inflation, build capital and set themselves up for retirement. However, as every smart investor knows, short-term gains from property investments are rare and the best way to view any relationship with property ..

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