If you have a comment or suggestion about any aspect of our service, we’re keen to hear from you. At Time Conti Sheffield, we’re continuously working to bring you the best possible real estate service and are always on the look out for ways to improve. Equally, if you think there is something we’re doing well, we’re always thrilled to hear about it and will make sure your message is passed on.

Our Commitment to You

Should you ever feel you have cause for complaint – however small - we are committed to ensuring that the matter is dealt with thoroughly, fairly and in a timely manner.

All our team are trained to:

  • Treat complaints seriously
  • Act promptly
  • Treat people fairly and listen to both sides of the story
  • Stay neutral
  • Keep parties to the complaint informed
  • Make decisions based only on information gathered not personal views

To provide feedback, call us on 9362 5333 and ask to speak to:

Cindy Knight - General Manager

Time Conti Sheffield
Real Estate Agents

338 Albany Highway
Victoria Park 6100
Western Australia, Australia.

24 hours telephone
61 8 9362 5333

61 8 9362 6999


Person in bona fide control
Cindy Knight

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
(except Public Holidays)

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