Repairs & Maintenance

Time Conti Sheffield are committed to dealing with repair and maintenance issues in rental properties quickly and efficiently. The easiest way to request repairs and maintenance is via our online form or via email to your property manager. Please be aware that some repairs require owner's approval, before any work can commence.

If your repair is of an urgent nature after hours, please call your property manager's mobile or the office on 9362 5333 (24hrs). An urgent repair would include situations that could lead to serious injury of a person, endanger health or cause further damage to the property. Some examples would include:

  • Gas leaks
  • Fire
  • Live bare electrical wires
  • Burst water pipes
  • Severe storm or water damage
  • Sewer blockage
  • Break and enter - property needs to be secured
  • Structural damage / major, threatening safety of occupants

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