Tenant FAQ's

Applying for a rental property

The application form is the starting point for any tenancy. Before a person can move into a property they must fill out our Application/Offer to Lease Residential Premises in full. The more information we can obtain about the applicants the better. Some of the information we require is as follows:

  • Personal information – name, date of birth, phone numbers
  • Employment – current position and employer details
  • Current address and owner/ agent details
  • Previous address and owner/ agent details
  • Professional references – perhaps a manager or previous manager
  • Personal reference – family friend, colleague
  • Emergency contact and Next of Kin – a friend of family member in Perth
  • Equivalent to one weeks rent in cash as a holding deposit. If you application is not approved, you will get your deposit returned to you in a cheque.
  • 100 points of ID (chart below)
Passport or Drivers Licence 60 points
Birth Certificate 40 Points
Student Photo ID 40 Points
Pension/ Concession Card (Heath Care Card) 40 Points
Medicare/ Private Health Care Card 25 Points
Other eg: Bank Cards etc 25 Points

Signing your lease agreement

We know the importance of having our tenants understand their lease agreement, and their responsibilities, as the terms and conditions of your lease agreement are the primary guidelines in which you maintain your tenancy. Upon signing your lease agreement and collecting your keys, make sure that you have received a receipt for your ingoing payment (bond etc), you have a copy of your lease agreement along with an information booklet (statement of rights and duties), when your next rental payment is due and if you need to connect any of the utilities at the property.

Connecting Utilities

Your Property Manager will advise if you are required to put the electricity or gas in your name as some strata properties have the electricity already connected!

  • For electricity, Synergy can be contacted on 13 13 53. You will need to supply your full name, address of the property and when you are moving in.
  • For gas, Alinta Gas can be contacted on 13 13 58. If you are living in a complex, Alinta may ask for the meter number which sometimes cannot be provided. They will have to search for the property by address only. Please make sure you give them your full and correct new address.
  • Connecting the Phone - It is tenant responsibility to ensure the phone is connected, if you wish to have this done. The owner makes no representations to the availability of the phone line. You may find it easier to use wireless internet, and mobile phones.


Unless you have sought permission from the agent, pets are not permitted at the property. If pets have been approved, they will be noted on both your application form and lease agreement. Small fish tanks are generally allowable but larger tanks or aquariums will need to have permission sought from the landlord. Small birds may be allowed however noise levels need to taken into consideration if your property is in a complex or close to neighbors.

Breach of tenancy

If tenants fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of your lease agreement, a formal breach may be issued to you asking you to rectify the default otherwise a termination may be put in place. Likewise, if your rent is not paid on time, a notice of termination will be issued giving you seven (7) days to get all monies back up to date. Your property manager can explain any breaches or termination notices if you are confused.

We try to amicably sort out any issues without resorting to breaches or terminations first.

Leaving the property before expiration (break lease)

If you decide to terminate your lease agreement early, you need to contact your Property Manager. There are two options in breaking your lease, paying out the remaining term of your agreement or; continue paying rent until the property is released however you will also need to pay all advertising costs and re-letting expenses to the owner.

We will of course try our best to lessen your fees, however breaking a lease can be quite expensive and is not recommended.

General Tenancy Information

  • Property condition Reports: Tenants are issued with two copies of a written report and have seven days to make any amendments and return to our office.
  • Rental Payments: our tenants can use BPAY. This is a safe and effective method of paying rent. Your Property Manager will issue each tenant a personalized reference number.
  • Routine Inspections: Your first inspection will be carried out approximately after the first six weeks of occupancy. Thereafter, inspections will usually occur on a quarterly basis. You will receive notice of these inspections in writing within 7-10 days prior to the scheduled inspection. You are not required to be at these inspections as the inspections are held within business hours. If we cannot gain access to your property, we will advise you accordingly and will arrange a further appointment.
  • Any concerns or problems with a routine inspection can be discussed with the Property Manager. We will try our best to accommodate any special requests.
  • If tenants are unsure about the standard of cleanliness required, we will give you tips to improve. We can also help with suggestions or recommending cleaners or carpet cleaners.
  • Maintenance: Urgent maintenance (fires, break in, gas leaks etc) should be reported straight away, even after hours. Non urgent maintenance (broken clothes dryer, dripping taps etc) should be reported within a few business days. We will try our best to have all maintenance attended quickly.


On a periodic (month by month) lease, a minimum of 21 days written notice to vacate is required. On a fixed term lease, as much notice as possible is appreciated.

When you first give notice, you will be sent a letter confirming your vacate date and all responsibilities you have. Tenants are also provided with a cleaning guide and vacating checklist as a final reminder which can be very helpful.

All keys/ remotes/ swipe cards etc need to be returned on or before your vacate date, plus any copies you may have obtained during the tenancy. If keys are returned late, rent will be charged for this time. If keys are lost, rent will be charged until the locks have been changed and new keys returned to our office.

Vacating - Getting your bond back

Bond monies are not released until the final inspection has taken place and all items that require attention have been fulfilled.

If there is any work that needs to be done, this may be deducted from your bond if you do not assist the Property Manager with the required rectification that is advised to you.

Carpets need to be professionally cleaned by a reputable company and a receipt to be provided. If this is not done, or you don’t have time, we can arrange this for you and have the cost come from the bond.

Gardens need to be in a healthy neat condition, free of rubbish or debris.

Vacating – Utilities

Tenants need to remember to disconnect any utilities they had connected in the beginning of the tenancy. Synergy can be contacted on 13 13 53 and Alinta Gas can be contacted on 13 13 58.


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