Our Senior Personnel

At Time Conti Sheffield, our staff help us to get the best outcomes for our real estate and property management clients. The following is a list of our current team; to get in touch with any of the below staff members, contact us today.

Conti Family Advisory Council

  • Paul Conti - Chairman
  • Emma Scotney
  • Amy Conti
  • Anton Conti

Executive Management Team

  • Cindy Knight - General Manager

Property Management

  • Daniel Polini - Head of Residential Property Management Department
  • Oliver Bradshaw - Senior Commercial Property Manager
  • Cally Murray - Senior Residential Property Manager
  • Kellie Napier - Senior Residential Property Manager


  • Mona Poomy - Head of Corporate & Project Marketing


Time Conti Sheffield
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338 Albany Highway
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Western Australia, Australia.

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61 8 9362 5333

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Person in bona fide control
Cindy Knight

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
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