Y2019 Outlook from TCS General Manager

From the Desk of Cindy Knight, General Manager Happy New Year 2019! Each year brings with it a sense of hope and optimism and I ...
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From the Desk of the General Manager 2022

Reflections on Financial Year 2022 As this financial year comes to a close, we have been very thankful to be in Western Australia. Overall, our ...
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From the Desk of the General Manager 2023

With financial year-end work deadlines, parties and bargain shopping abounding across Australia, the financial year 2022/23 has drawn to a close and we welcome the ...
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Happy Tenants Mean Long-Term Investment Returns

A happy tenant is more than just a tenant renting a property who doesn’t have any complaints. The smart investor knows that a happy tenant ...
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Will Perth Sustain its Growth Potential 2021?

Perth has been lauded by industry experts as a top capital city market outperformer in 2021. With Peth recording the strongest quarterly value increase of ...
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How Will My Commercial Property Be Marketed?

How will my commercial property be marketed? Since the leasing market is a highly competitive segment, making the right first impression is critical to ensure ...
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Which Outgoings Should Tenants be paying?

While searching for the ideal tenant in a commercial property, Owners often require clarification on what property outgoings a tenant is required to pay legally ...
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Commercial vs Residential Property Investing – What are the Differences?

Commercial vs Residential Property Investing What are the differences between commercial and residential property investing? Here are some key points to help you distinguish between ...
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When Will Tenants Get Keys to a Commercial Property?

A seemingly simple question that we often get from our commercial tenants and owners – when will tenants get keys to a commercial property? Whilst ...
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