Rentals Short Term in WA

Short-Term Rental Accommodation in Western Australia: All You Need to Know

The Rise of Short-Term Rental Accommodations (STRA) in Western Australia: What You Need to Know Significant transformations in the way we travel and explore new ...
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Secrets of Great Australian Property Investments: Unlocking Your Wealth Potential

Cited as the top investment strategy for most Australians, the Australian property market continues to hold a powerful allure for investors. Bricks and mortar offer ...
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Y2019 Outlook from TCS General Manager

From the Desk of Cindy Knight, General Manager Happy New Year 2019! Each year brings with it a sense of hope and optimism and I ...
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Utility Charges: Where Does The Payment Responsibility Lie?

Paying Utilities in Rental Properties Understanding and balancing income and outgoing expenses is essential to successful property investment. This usually brings about the question on ...
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Build-to-Rent in WA

As Australia prepares for the next economic wave, migration and population growth will begin resuming and this would indicate a requirement of 300,000 rental residences ...
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Proposed Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) 1987 Review

In relation to the reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act, the Cook government submitted a bill to Parliament recently, with expected changes to be announced ...
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Property Management Fees Explained: What Do Property Management Fees Include?

You have bought your investment property in and are ready to now engage a Perth Property Manager. However, you feel confused – should you go for ...
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10 Must Know Tips for New & Experienced Landlords

Exciting but challenging – that’s how most Property Owners feel when they acquire a new property, either for the first time or adding onto their ...
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Buying An Investment Property: An In-depth Checklist for Viewing an Investment Property for Sale

You’re ready to invest in a property. You’re all excited. You have loan pre-approval. Now, you are ready for your next steps and want to ...
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