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Listing Your Property

Listing Your Property

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Our success in finding the right tenants is what sets us apart. Our team is trained and tooled with the right skills and processes to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Some of the benefits of listing with TCS are:

We offer bespoke property management solutions.

Your investment property is highly valued and looked after most carefully by our Residential Property Managers. We do not believe in a one-size fits all solution. You, your needs and your expected outcome is unique to you. For that very reason, we offer you our Bespoke Property Management service that is catered to your individual need.

Carefully selecting your Tenants

We take the time and effort personally meet with prospective tenants during property viewings. We are skilled in conducting interviews and we carefully evaluate each applicant.

Listing - Advertising & Promotion

We are conscious of the costs of advertising and promotion and have traditional and digital marketing platforms to assist you, both through popular external industry channels or in-house communication channels.

As we recognize how markets are constantly changing, our promise to you is to closely monitor your advertisement for promotional effectiveness and will make recommendations to you for further customization as required – how, where and when it is best marketed, based on market response.