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Comprehensive Guide to Renting with Pets for Property Owners in WA

Renting with Pets – this is one of the most commonly asked questions in Property Management here in Perth. We have prepared this “Comprehensive Guide to Renting with Pets for Property Owners” highlighting some pertinent issues that are front of mind for Property Owners and Tenants.

In Australia, the Animals Medicine Australia Association estimates that there are 29 million pets nationwide – which is more than the Australian population of 25 million. With 60% of Australian households owning a pet, we have one of the highest pet ownerships in the world (e.g. 57% in USA and 40% in the UK). In Western Australia alone, we have around 60% of households with pet ownership, which is why it may make sense to allow pets in rental properties to attract better rates.

Benefits of allowing pets into a rental property include:

  • Longer leases: pets can get used to their surroundings and may not take well to constant moving
  • Higher rental prices: as not all properties allow for pets, the attractiveness of your property will increase and therefore you could get rentals at a better rate than otherwise
  • Reduced vacancy rates: as properties that accept pets are more popular with pet owners, this would help in leasing out your property sooner rather than later
  • A wider pool of Tenants: This would almost double your pool of potential tenants and give you a better chance of screening and finding a good tenant with excellent history

The most popular pets are dogs and cats, making up around 70% of pet ownership, followed by fish, birds and mammals. So if you are looking at renting your property out, it may be wise to consider the tweaking a few design elements at home so that your furry friends can be comfortable.  Pets such as fish, birds and reptiles are often easier to care for generally and can be accommodated separately.

Let the pets have their own little space in various rooms around the house – unused corners, little hide-outs and cosy nooks.

  • Incorporate pet spaces as part of your home interior design
  • Pet-friendly floors: remove carpets and allow for hard flooring so it is easier to clean the fur and mess
  • Ensure that everything has its place at home so that your items are not accidentally damaged or ingested by young animals
  • Allow for doors with pet entrances
  • Incorporate a zone outside with diverse materials that allow for pets for sensory stimulation purposes
  • Wash zones in laundry rooms or mudrooms where you can wash the dog off at a designed spot in your home after a day out
  • Encourage special equipment such as a pet vacuum cleaner that comes with extra features for easy cleaning and home deodorant to neutralise odours.

The greatest concern for Property Owners in having pets in their homes is the damage that may occur with our furry friends. And these are valid concerns. That’s why we recommend the following steps be taken in order to protect the property while allowing tenants to enjoy the companionship of their pets:

  • Enforce a pet policy – Western Australia allows for pet bonds as well as a policy on whether pets are allowed only outside or both outside and inside or certain zones in the house. Other conditions could include the treatment for parasites, barking or noises for the peace of the neighbourhood etc
  • Clarify your expectations and consequences for non-compliance
  • Regular Property Inspection
  • Careful Tenant Screening with a detailed rental background check
  • Obtain Landlord insurance to cover damages incurred

Given the overwhelming benefits that we as humans derived from having pets, from love, affection, and companionship being popularly cited, allowing a pet in your rental property will increase the quality of life of your tenants.

If you would like to know more about how you can safeguard your property when furry friends are around, please feel free to contact our Property Managers here in Perth.

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