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Embracing Happiness at Home – the Danish Way

Creating “Hygee” Happiness at Home – 10 ideas

The first United Nations (UN) World Happiness Index, 2012, declared Denmark to be the happiest nation in the world and they have been voted amongst the happiest nations in every research in the last 10 years. And the Danes attribute their happiness to “hygee”.

Based on The Times Top Ten Bestseller List, “The Little Book of Hygge (The Danish Way to Live Well)” by Meil Wiking, who heads the Happiness Research Institute based in Copenhagen, he shares how “hygee” (pronounced as “hooga”) is about an experience and atmosphere, being connected with the people we love, a feeling of home where we feel sheltered, safe and unconditionally accepted as we are. It is also about being grateful and savouring simple pleasures of daily life yet having a sense of purpose.

Whilst Australia is on the 2017 top 10 happiest nations in the world list (the only country with temperate climate), here are 10 ideas based on Wiking’s book on how to make our homes more “hygee”.

  1. Nook – create a space where you could curl up with a book. Warm lights, blanket, pillows and a hot ceramic mug filled with your favourite drink
  2. Fireplace – it is the centre of conversation and a place for memories
  3. Candles – natural organic candles (not scented ones) but remember to air your room
  4. Things made out of wood – furnishings or flooring as such connects us to nature
  5. Nature – bring in things like nuts, leaves, twigs, animal skin, sheepskin
  6. Books – and have a spot where your kids can cuddle up with you whilst you read to them
  7. Ceramic – a nice tea pot, a vase on the dining table, a favourite mug
  8. Tactile – choose of natural fabric. It is not just how the home looks but how it feels
  9. Vintage – add in a vintage item like an old lamp, table or chair
  10. Blankets and cushions – an absolute must to cosy up a spot

We hope that you will incorporate some of these “hygee” ideas for your home and embrace the cold weather – mulled wine, chestnuts, chocolates, pastries, cake, warm woollen socks, hot coffee – and most importantly, that you share these moments with your loved ones, creating “hygee” memories that last.

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