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How to Develop and Maintain Positive Relationships with Tenants

As a Property Owner, there are many advantages of developing and maintaining a positive relationship with your Tenants. When a Tenant treats your investment property like their home, they are more likely to care for the property better and needless to say, stay longer. This will significantly reduce the vacancy or cost of replacing tenants and your investment property will be more profitable.

That is why hiring an excellent property management company to help is important to optimise your cash-flow. Not only will the best property managers advise you on how to keep a positive relationship with your tenant, they will go out of their way to ensure that your tenants are cared for.

Repairs and Maintenance

Attend to repair issues promptly – this will not only provide a comfortable living condition to your tenants but will also prevent you from spending unnecessarily should a repair issue exacerbate and cause further damage.

When the maintenance of the property is performed regularly, the lifespan of your appliances, amenities, fixtures and fittings will increase. This is also important to reduce potential hazards in the home.

As Owners, it is important to know that a good property management company will not receive any direct or indirect benefit from their contractors as it will be in conflict with the Owner’s interest.

Know the Legislation

Always ensure that you are following all legislative requirements in WA for Properties. A good property manager will keep you abreast of the WA Property changes as well as any important modifications to the local regulations. See: Minimum Compliance for WA Properties. For example, an interesting recent change allows Tenants to affix furniture to the walls for the safety of young children.

Use Professional Cleaners

When changing tenants, it is most important that the new tenants walk into a well-cleaned home. Use professional cleaners where possible to ensure that your investment property is kept in the best condition possible.

Be Environmentally Responsible

As Western Australians, we are proud of our natural heritage and as a nation, we seek to be responsible to our delicate environment. So, install energy efficient appliances and water-efficient systems in your home as well as possibly solar-panels as an alternative source of energy.

Clarify Expectations

Right from the onset of the lease, take time to explain the expectations of the property condition and terms as well as any particularities of the property. It will help to set the right expectation and maintain a good relationship in the long run.

Provide Excellent Amenities

You want to make your Tenants as comfortable as possible as they call your property their home. So, where possible, furnish them with ducted air-conditioning systems, ventilations systems such as fans which are increasing in its popularity due to environmental concerns, heating systems, reticulation systems to electrical appliances such as ovens, washer-dryers, dishwashers – these are some very attractive amenities that your tenants will appreciate.

Install Security Systems

Helping your tenants feel safe in their own homes is important – especially in certain neighbourhoods around Perth. Tenants will appreciate certain security features, for example gates, fencing, security video, built-in safes etc.

Choosing the right and best property managers in Perth will help you develop and maintain a positive relationship with your tenants. It is often wiser to engage a third party in communicating with them as it will provide a level of professionalism and objectivity. Given the experience of a good property manager, they will be able to advise you on how best to deal with any sensitivities that may arise and ensure that all legal compliances are adhered to in WA.

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