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Preparing For Autumn

Goodbye Summer And Welcome Autumn.

As the season changes, almost instinctively we embrace a time of quiet reflection, our moods framed by the beautiful golden and red landscape of calm that will begin to unfold shortly around us. With the colours of autumn unfolding around us, let us prepare our homes to welcome this new season.

Check your heating systems

Clean out the vents and dust. As bacteria and grim would have likely settled over the season, this would prevent allergies and illnesses. Service them and ensure that they are properly functioning.

Check your fire alarms

As we begin using more fireplaces and heaters, it is essential to ensure that this safety precaution is working in good condition.

Check for Gaps

Inspect all your doors and windows for holes and reseal those gaps. This will prevent cold air, water and draught from entering in, compromising your comfort heating.

Summer Gear

After giving summer toys and beach wear a good wash, stow them away. Prevent clutter by ridding those that you no longer use. It is also time to throw away any summer toys that are broken or repair them before storing them. This would be the best time to consider end of season sales to restock them.

Autumn Wardrobe

It’s time to donate, sell or dispose summer clothes that you no longer need to make space for this season’s autumn fashion. It is much better to audit your wardrobe now and be decisive since the items are still fresh in your mind, instead of keeping them for another year.

Clean your gutters

With falling leaves and the expected rain that will follow, it is wise to clean the gutters now to prevent overflow. And while you are up there, check on any loose or broken roof tiles which could be blown off by strong winds or can contribute to leaking.


Time to sanitise their resting places ensuring that it is not only clean, but also furnished with adequate warmth (this may include pet bedding).


Feel free to speak to our Property Managers for more ideas on how to prepare your home for the coming Autumn.

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