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Property Maintenance in Spring: A Comprehensive Guide

Property Maintenance in Spring – A Comprehensive Guide 

Welcome Spring! With a buzz of joy and the return of beautiful blooms, this is a perfect time to prepare our homes for the outdoor lives that await us. For many of us in Western Australia, spring signifies pool parties and outdoor barbecues – which is exactly why we need to ensure that our property maintenance inspection is conducted and homes are in optimum condition for our enjoyment, especially given the recent wet weather in Perth.

Exterior Checklist:

Inspect the landscaping at the property, watching for what needs to be trimmed, shaped, removed and/ or planted. Consider the blooms to place in your flower beds. Check your reticulation systems.

Outdoor Decks and Driveways
This is the perfect time to power wash the outdoor deck as well as the driveways. Ensure that the decks are repaired and polished as necessary.

Paint Your Exterior Walls
If you are looking at giving your property a facelift, a fresh coat of paint is one of the best and most affordable ways.

Declutter Gutters/ Repair Eaves
Time to clean up your gutters and fix any leaks as they may damage the walls. Inspect the eaves and ensure that nothing is beginning to rot.

Perform Air-conditioner Maintenance and Clean Fans
Clean the vents and fan blades as dust may have accumulated over time. Ensure that the filters are well cleaned for optimal energy consumption.

Pest Control
As insects are beginning to emerge in spring, it would be a good time to perform pest control inspections  to ensure that these pests are kept in check. Pay particular attention to termites and spiders.

Interior Checklist:

Prepare Your Plumbing
Perform basic tests to ensure that your plumbing is working the way it should. Clean the filters of your dishwasher well, de-clog any pipes and ensure that your dishwasher is maintained well. Check indoor and outdoor faucets, pipes and pumps. A change in temperature can sometimes cause leaks and blockages which need to be identified and rectified, where necessary.

Security Systems
Test that the smoke detectors are working and change the batteries if needed.

Check dryer vents for lint
Ensure that lint build-up has been removed as vents that are congested can cause dryers to overheat and set off a fire.

Air Your Carpets
Bring the sunshine into the house and air your carpets as well as furniture and upholstery. Ensure that the house is well-aired to avoid any mould build-up.

Although preventive maintenance may seem tedious at times, it really pays off and can save you on money and time in the long term. As property managers in Perth, we have seen and experienced how neglected maintenance has cost thousands of dollars unnecessarily. We would encourage you to work through this spring property maintenance checklist, inspect your property inside out and ensure that records are kept so that you can follow up on any outstanding work over time.

As always, If you need any help with property maintenance, our Property Managers are available to assist you.

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