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Protecting Your Bond

Some tips and recommendations from the Property Managers at Time Conti Sheffield on how to protect your bond.

1. Accurate Property Condition Report (PCR)
At the commencement of your tenancy you will receive the Property Condition Report (PCR). It is recommended that you thoroughly check this, making any changes that you think necessary. The signed Property Condition Report must be returned within 7 days of moving into the property.

2. Communication with your Property Manager (PM)
Our PMs enjoy corresponding with a proactive tenant so we would encourage you to keep the lines of communication open, informing us as soon as you notice any damage or maintenance required. The last thing we want is a case where a maintenance issue or damage which has not been reported promptly, ends up as being the responsibility of the tenant upon vacation. So please contact us as soon as possible.

3. Inspection Checklist – Follow Up, Follow Through.
We send a detailed cleaning checklist with the notice of quarterly inspections. Use this through out the tenancy to help minimise the amount of work required upon your vacation of the premises.

4. Final Vacate Checklist
Our letter confirming your intent to vacate will include a Final Vacate Checklist. Using this will assist in reducing any issues at the Final inspection. The Property Manager will also refer to the ingoing PCR as the required standard, so appropriate this to ensure that the property is returned in the same condition, given a fair amount of wear and tear.

5. Pay All Dues Promptly
If all rents and any ancillary bills for water and electricity/gas are paid on time and up to the vacation date, this will assist is lessening any deductions from the bond

6. Bonus Tip: Carpets
Finally, it is always best to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon vacation and prior to handing in the keys, to meet the satisfactory end of lease clean requirement.

In our daily walk of life, we know that we should return a borrowed item in good condition. So just ring our friendly Property Managers who would be pleased to assist you in understanding how to fully recover your full bond.

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