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Reflection on the Sacredness of ANZAC Day

Through the baptism of fire and blood, the nation of Australia was truly only consolidated in 1915 after being recognised as a federation just 14 years prior. ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) Day was established when the news of the army’s defeat in the battle of Gallipoli in 1915 wailed on its shores. It is a day to remember, a time we are desperate to forget… yet, it is in the heart of this fire that this nation of steel is forged.

Held sacred in the hearts of every Australian, we remember on this special day, the sacrifice of those who have given their lives on the war fronts that Australia has fought – the World Wars, Middle East conflict, Vietnam, just to name a few. Though it is more than just those who have died, have been injured or maimed. We also remember the sacrifice of their women, children and families who have all paid a handsome price. It speaks not only of battles to win or lose but the courage to fight to the very end against an aggressive and progressing evil, in the name of those they love.

As Australians commemorate their memory across our sunburnt land, let us cherish their lives and sacrifice by being grateful for and advancing this blessed nation with that same blazing spirit that would make them proud. And make their sacrifice count. This is how “We shall remember them” (ANZAC Ode).

Time Conti Sheffield honours these heroes and embraces the spirit of ANZAC embodied in this great nation – qualities of courage, mate-ship and sacrifice.

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