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Reflections to Resolution

“The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates.

As December marks the final milestone for 2019, in the midst of the Christmas and New Year frenzy, let us examine our lives in 2019 in order that we will be better prepared for the year ahead. Here are 5 pertinent questions for reflection:

1) What went well this year?
Whilst we are too quick to forget our achievements and focus hard on improving, it is essential to reflect on the beautiful moments that have filled our lives this year. Remembering the good fuels our wellbeing and this gives us the inner strength to manage the challenges that face us ahead.

2) What surprised you?
Consider the surprises this year brought and how you responded to the unexpected. Those who are nimble, flexible and quick to respond are better primed to seize opportunities and respond well to change.

3) What did this year teach you?
“Experience is the best teacher”. Consider what insights, knowledge or skills were gained or reinforced this year. Have you become more self-aware and appreciative for your experiences, be it good or bad? Experts claim that the single most important key to happiness is gratitude. Incorporating a daily practice of gratitude will certainly increase the quality of your life.

4) What are trends or patterns that you are noticing about yourself?
Jot those down and pay attention with an open mind when the early signs appear especially if you are trying to create new habits and break certain negative ones.

5) What needs to be left behind?
As we prepare to embrace 2020 with hope for a great year ahead, it is the perfect time to carefully deliberate on what or who we need to leave behind. After all, “better an open heart than a clenched fist”.

Once you have jotted down an open, truthful and genuine reflection on these questions, then you will be better prepared to set yourselves Specific, Incremental and Measurable (SIM) resolutions that will be meaningful and increase your chances to successfully reaching these milestones in 2020.

We at Time Conti Sheffield, wish you the very best in the year 2020 – may you fulfil your hopes, dreams and ambitions as you pursue true wealth and happiness.

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