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Spring Around the World

Celebrated globally in many ways, let us voyage around the world and discover 10 unique cultural spring festivals (and perhaps adopt some of these into our homes):

  1. Switzerland- Sechseläuten.
    Explode a snowman in Switzerland, known as Boog. The snowman would slowly melt under the mild explosives strapped around it.
  2. India’s Holi.
    Hurl colourful powder at each other at a giant street bash in India. This is to signify blessing and a letting go of offences.
  3. Polish Marzanna.
    Weave straw dolls, decorate them, parade them and finally drown them in the river – Poland.
  4. Thailand Songkran Water Festival.
    A water-fight with elephants anyone? Throw water on one another and why not just rope in the local Thai elephants to help you too? Celebrated as an astrological passage from darkness into hope.
  5. Mexican Spring Equinox in Teotihuacan.
    Since the pre-Hispanic ages, people have been climbing 360 steps up to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico to bask in the power of the Sun god.
  6. Bosnian Cimburijada (Festival of Scrambled Eggs).
    Feast with the whole town and eat lots of scrambled eggs for free in Zenical, Bosnia. Eggs signify birth and the expectation of the new.
  7. Flower Parade of Holland.
    Soak in the glory of colourful spring flowers during the 12-hour long Flower Parade of Bollenstreek, Holland.
  8. Spanish Las Fallas.
    Frock up in medieval clothes and watch the incineration of ninots (paper mache figurines stuffed with firecrackers) in Spain’s 5-day long festival, in commemoration of St Joseph.
  9. Japanese Hanami.
    Enjoy a Japanese spring party under the cherry blossom trees while sipping sake and nibbling on colourful deserts.
  10. Jewish Passover.
    Savour roasted lamb with unleavened bread to remember the story of how the ancient Israelites were delivered from slavery in Egypt.

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