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Warming Our Winters

“The fire spat short lived fairies into the air, a cruel god condemning them to a single flight of joy.”

Fire. A word that ignites deep emotions and trigger a plethora of thoughts. It is innate, instinctive and powerful. Destructive or Life-giving? Religious, mysterious or holy? Dangerous or comforting?

Inspiring poets through the ages, man celebrates the cultural turning point of human evolution through the control of fire by our ancient ancestors, homo erectus. In the wake of this new age, the earliest evidence of man’s use of fire, 300,000 years ago, was discovered in Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa.

The classical elements of nature (fire, air, wind, earth, water) were studied by ancient civilisations – the Egyptians, Babylonia, Greece, Japan, Tibet, India and China – as they believed that the understanding of nature would lead to a deeper knowledge of one’s self.

The ancient fire-pits that were used in all 5 continents of the world throughout history, continue to blaze today demanding functionality, symbolism and aesthetics in our modern world. Fireplaces act as a focal point uniting people together, capturing memories of hearty conversations, roasted marshmallows or grilled meats or simply just romantic moments.

So here are some considerations in evaluating a fireplace or fire pit:

  1. Location – safety positioning, fuel source (gas or wood), and for outdoors, the size of the backyard and winds. Ideally, it should be near a water source for emergencies and away from dry branches, twigs or grass.
  2. Material – long lasting material such as brick, stone or marble and it should match with your interior design or outdoor landscape.
  3. Budgets – fire pits are usually more cost effective and it provides a 360 degree access, encouraging social interaction. They are usually made of stone, brick, steel or copper.

This winter, as we search to warm ourselves in the cosiness of our homes, light up the flames of conversations and as we gather together for our world famous Aussie barbecues, let us enjoy the beautiful ambience and atmosphere that the crackling of fire brings, remembering to be grateful for the miracle of fire.

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