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Top Picks of Unique New Year Resolutions to Embrace

Our Top Five Picks of Unique New Year Resolutions to Embrace

Even as each year brings hope for the better, here are some of our top resolution picks for Year 2019. They are extremely easy to adopt and these simple strategies will have a huge impact on creating a better and happier you.

1. Share Your Resolutions One-to-One
… but announce your achievements publicly only once you have achieved them. Studies indicate that announcing your resolutions publically may make you feel like you have already accomplished them, which is why it is wiser to announce them as you achieve them to help you stick to your goals.

2. Adopt a Plant
Such a simple way to combat climate change plus research confirms that just the presence of indoor plants actually lower human stress hormones.

3. Organise Your Time into Chunk Blocks
Do one thing at a time. By organising your time into chunk blocks e.g. “Gardening, Exercise, Cooking” and focusing on completing the tasks related to that chunk during that allotted time, you will be more productive and less stressed. If your focus is fragmented, you will increase your chance of being anxious when new items require attention while the old ones are not yet finished.

4. Decorate Your Home with Items from the Past
In happy and long-lived cultures, people often display items from their families’ pasts, to feel part of a continuum, according to Buettner (The Blue Zones of Happiness).

5. Write to Yourself
When your inner critic speaks, write them down and reply to those words as you would do to a friend who is in the same situation. By channeling compassion to yourself, it will shift your perspective and help you treat yourself more kindly.

Try them out this year and you will be surprised at the impact of how such small changes can brighten your life.

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