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What Makes Time Conti Sheffield Property Managers Different

We’re often asked the question – what makes Time Conti Sheffield Property Managers different from the rest of the industry?

Our property managers in Perth are central to our success and they know how valuable they are to the future of the business. Importantly however, they also know that they play a crucial role in the performance of their clients’ capital assets and they take those responsibilities very seriously.

Let’s look at some of the key attributes that set our property managers apart.

Communication – more than a phone call

Time Conti Sheffield property managers are true to their word. When they promise to be available and approachable, to communicate regularly, provide feedback and follow-up promptly on issues, they deliver.

Lines of communication are always open and unlike the industry norm, each property owner has a single point of contact with one of our senior property managers.

Our property managers pride themselves on their prompt, frank, friendly and efficient response to any landlord and tenant queries – plus they’re proactive in keeping investors up-to-date on all issues relating to their properties.

‘excellent in providing feedback’, ‘timely and clear communication’, ‘always returns my calls or emails promptly’, ‘attention to detail has kept me well-informed* (client testimonials)

Low staff turnover

We pride ourselves on our low staff turnover which not only means that our property managers are happy at work, it means that clients get the benefit of continuity of service.

‘had my property managed by David for +20 years’ * (client testimonial)

Professionalism – they take your investment as seriously as you do

Property investors can expect the same levels of professional service from their Time Conti Sheffield property manager as they do from their financial partners such the banks or tax advisers.

Our property managers understand the significance of these capital investments and they know they have a responsibility to ensure that the asset is properly looked after. They are professional in all their dealings with investors and with tenants and they always endeavour to find win-win outcomes for all parties.

Another key differentiator is that they are always fair and respectful and work hard to develop good relationships with tenants and investors and look after the interests of both.

‘exactly what I was after for my lovely house’, ‘now have (an agent) that actually delivers a high quality service’, ‘ensures the property is maintained to our required standards’ * (client testimonials)

Zero tolerance to rent arrears and work tirelessly to minimise vacancies

Our property managers understand how costly rent arrears and vacancies can be and they use tried and tested processes to keep these to the absolute minimum.

‘found a tenant quickly and at current market value’, ‘always kept my properties tenanted’ , ‘ensured rental payments were made on time’ * (client testimonials)

Knowledgeable – they’re up-to-date with the latest market insights and trends

Time Conti Sheffield property managers keep abreast of the latest trends and developments so that they can give landlords and tenants informed advice about property related issues such as rents, yields and returns.

‘Very glad to have someone who is knowledgeable and efficient’ * (client testimonials)

Committed – they go the extra mile

It’s a property manager’s job to sort out maintenance and repair issues and to ensure that the tenant is keeping the property to an approved standard, but Time Conti Sheffield agents go above and beyond what’s expected. They look for opportunities for preventative maintenance and they make recommendations on the most cost-effective process when it comes to issues of maintenance and repairs.

Prompt, obliging, helpful’, ‘provided sound advice regarding repair and maintenance,’, exceptional service’, attention to detail has kept me well-informed’ * (client testimonials)

Tenant selection – they find long-term quality tenants

Our agents also have excellent systems for finding quality tenants which is another key differentiator. They use numerous channels for promoting vacant properties to the widest possible audience and then they leave no stone unturned when it comes to tenant screening and selection.

‘secured a reliable and house-proud tenant’‘every tenant that she recommended proved to be a good one’ * (client testimonials)


These points illustrate some of the areas where Time Conti Sheffield’s Perth property managers exceed expectations, but it’s only a brief snapshot of what sets them apart. We’d love to meet you in person to show you full extent of our unique work ethic and performance-focused professionalism, so please contact us on 08 9362 5333 or send us an email.

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