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10 Simple Ways To Make You Happier In 2018

“If I have learned anything this year, it is that I will choose to walk into the New Year by focussing on what is still possible to achieve instead of disappointments and unrealized dreams of yesterday. And when crossroads face me, I know that I will not always pick the right path and won’t have the right words. Because I realise now that I don’t always have to get it right every time. Above all, I will choose to be grateful for those around me, for the miracle of each new day, for another chance to do better: for this is the secret to happiness in life.” Cindy Knight, General Manager

Echoing the words in the reflection above, here are easy to implement ways to a happier you in just 10 steps.

1.  Harness the Magic of Water Therapy.
Drink & Immerse more in water. Known for its ability to rejuvenate, restore and refresh, stay young and healthy by focussing on drinking more water and enjoying water sports or just relax in a comforting bath.

2. Practice Mindfulness.
Be present and aware of what you are thinking, why you are currently feeling a certain way and how your body is responding to different circumstances or people.

3. Kill toxic emotions. Forgive. Be grateful.
“Holding on to unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person would die”. Think of forgiving and letting go of bitterness as an act of love and kindness to your ownself. Be grateful that you are not the one holding the grudge any longer and that you have the power to set yourself free.

4. Eat healthier. Smaller portions, more vegetables & “clean” food.
Increasing your consumption of vegetables and fruits not only helps you to maintain a healthy weight but it keeps you youthful by preventing ageing (and sometimes even reverses the onset of certain illnesses). Plus, it also reduces your carbon footprint as a responsible global citizen. Why not trying being vegan for just a week and see how you feel? Pay close attention to your body and love yourself the right way by eating just the right amount and type of food that it needs.

5. Stretch just several minutes every day.
Stretching is vital to our habitually contracted muscles and elongated them increases fluid flow for renewal of joints and ligaments. Not only does stretching release endorphins (our feel good hormones), it also preserves our bodies and reverses ageing in the long run. Practice mindful stretching and focus on how each part of your body feels and you gently recognise its limitation.

6. Eliminate debt. Organise your finances.
One certain way of greatly reducing stress in your life is by having a plan to rid bad debts and begin a savings plan. There are many tips which an independent financial advisor can provide so do arrange for a free consultation to ensure that you are planning for your future retirement.

7. Dare a new experience – surprise yourself.
Self-actualisation. What are some experiences that you have always wanted to try and have held back? This is the time to begin exploring new things again. Some ideas could be –
parasailing, jet-skiing, climb a mountain, skiing, scuba-diving, cycling through Tuscany, visit an orphanage, learn a new language, join a run or walk for a cause, hike through Tasmania etc. The list is endless… though if you would like to call us and discuss this, we would be more than happy to share some ideas!

8. Consciously “Create a Happy Home”.
There is nothing like coming home to an environment of peace and harmony. Help create this mood through proven strategies from the United Nations Happiness Research – ideas all found on our blog entitled “Creating a Happy Home”.

9. Be charitable.
Freely give to a cause. Do a random act of kindness like leaving the mailman a little gift and a thank-you note, or baking cookies for the bus driver along your route or giving a chocolate bar to the person at the check-out counter or gathering wildflowers and presenting it as a bouquet to a stranger. No strings attached.

10. Strengthen relationships with family & friends as they are all that matter at the end of the day.
Write a well-thought letter to them focussing on how they have positively impact your life. Spend quality time, bring gifts, tell them that you care, help them out or give them a huge embrace – whatever love language that works for them. Just start by focusing on the top 3 persons that matter most to you.

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