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19 Ways to Save & Have an Eco-Friendly Home

Checklist: 19 Easy Ways to Save and be Eco-Friendly in Your Home

World Environment Day: 5 June. The United Nations’ biggest day for positive action.
As Australians, we are particularly known globally for our care for nature and our environment. In conjunction with World Environment day and after some research, we have compiled a checklist for all our Owners and Tenant in an effort to both conserve the environment and save money. We hope that you will use this list wisely and make a few changes that can go a long way. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

1. Hot Water System

Ensure that you set your thermostat on your hot water system is set onto the minimum required for washing or bathing. Did you know that the household appliance that consumes the most amount of energy is heating and cooling systems? This is followed by the washer/ dryer and lighting.

2. Install LED bulbs

Not only do they last an average of 13 years each, they very well payback for their initial costs at an affordable price entry point.

3. Use rags instead of paper towels for cleaning

Depending on the surface that you wish to clean, it may be wiser to use rags, which you can also cut up from old clothes or materials for cleaning. This would help upcycle your things as well as reduce wastage.

4. Clean your air filters for efficient heating/ cooling

In order to improve the efficiency of heating or cooling a room, a very simple way is to ensure that your filters are cleaned regularly. Read more on keeping your house cool in summer.

5. Line-dry your clothes vs using a dryer

Did you know that Perth is the sunniest capital city of the world with an average of 8 sun hours a day? And that Western Australia is the true Sunshine State of Australia? We can take advantage of our glorious sunshine by line-drying our clothes instead of just Instead of using the dryer. This will no doubt save your electricity bills while providing you with your daily dose of Vitamin D. Plus, enjoy the cleaning effect and fresh smell of the sun which helps your clothes to last longer.

6. Upcycle your old items or donate them to reduce worldwide consumption and wastage

Consider repairing your shoes or electrical devices instead of tossing them out. You could also donate your old items on growing online communities to help reduce rubbish and wastage.

7. Get some fans

Buy some fans and install them instead of using air conditioning as your first resort. This will not only drastically reduce energy bills but are less dehydrating for the skin as well. Especially important for our dry Western Australian weather.

8. Use reusable water filter bottles instead of buying disposable plastic water bottles

It can be tempting to just grab your water bottles and dispose them after use. Instead, try buying a water bottle with a filter insert. This would help reduce the consumption of plastic and increase your savings. Win-win.

9. Get a low flow showerhead

You could save up to 20-25 litres of water per minute by simply replacing an old, inefficient showerhead with a water-efficient low-flow showerhead and up to AUD$114 per household on energy bills if you are heating the water as well.  And all these benefits without compromising on the water pressure.

10. Indoor plants – one of the best stress reducer as well as increases oxygen

Everyone knows that growing a plant and gardening is a “green” effort in helping our environment thrive. Another plus is that indoor plants are research-proven as a stress reducer. Read more here.

11. Take the stairs

If you live in an apartment, bypass the elevator and take the stairs. A small change that could not only help your waistline, your heart, mobilise your joints as well as build your muscles all while saving energy consumption.

12. Get window treatments

The right window treatments will reduce cold air from entering and can act as an insulator. This reduces the need to turn on the heater or cooler and helps with proper insulation.

13. Switch to online bill payments and records – save a massive amount of paper!

Your rubbish bin will thank you! With cloud-based computing systems making rapid progress in the technology today, the days of paper records will soon be obsolete and our trees will thank us for it.

14. Use cold water to wash your clothes

You would be surprised to find out that hot water will actually set stains, and cold water will get your clothes just as clean. Plus, the heating water is a huge energy vampire.

15. Time your electrical appliances

Delay your wash cycle to off-peak hours – this applies to both your washing machine and your dishwasher. Also, fill them up to the right levels instead of leaving them half empty unnecessarily.

16. Bin up

Aside from a recycling bin, go the further mile and purchase a large bin to collect rainwater – useful for watering the plants. And while you are out in the garden, why not secure a compost bin as well. Or you can also compost neat and tidily by stashing scraps in a bag in your freezer or in a sleek countertop bin designed for the purpose. Plus, free fertilizer at your disposal!

17. Power down with power strips

This is an easy way to flip them off whenever you are done using your plugged-in devices – from television to phone chargers which can really suck up your energy unknowingly.

18. Plant herbs throughout the year

It is easy to have a myriad of herbs to choose from in spring and summer but why not plant some garlic, ginger, horseradish and parsley in the colder months. And we all know that parsley is a great neutraliser for garlic breath. Onward Pasta Aglio Olio!

19. Choose energy-efficient appliances

Read the energy rating carefully and you can add up significant savings in the long run.

We would love to hear from you on what changes you have adopted from this list and how it impacted you. Just write in and let us know – it will encourage other readers to do the same. And that could be just another way that you can inspire others to conserve our environment through small but effective changes.

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