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Eliminate Mould – 9 Ways

Where Foul Mould Grow – 9 Ways to Eliminate.

It is wet and cold outside as we turn up our heaters and cozy up inside. However, unintentionally, in our attempts to keep our homes toasty warm, we are creating an environment for the gritty, greenish-black, musty smelling fungus to secretly thrive. Mould.

Before you know it, you start having a persistent cough, wheezing, experiencing shortness of breath, your eyes get itchy and watery and your skin begin to itch. Aside from respiratory discomforts, if you ignore this pest, symptoms of neurological disorders may occur in the longer term and you begin to feel muscle weakness and numbness.

That is why, during winter, when internal condensation is at its peak, it is time for you to thoroughly search and annihilate this this hazardous household irritant!

What is Mould?

Mould is essentially a microscopic, multicellular organism, found in association with water, which produces sexually and asexually – meaning that they can be airborne and transferred through human movement from one room to another.

9 Ways on How to Remove Mould From Your Home (find out more on our blog):

  • Increase ventilation – air out and dry out the room daily by opening up the doors and windows (especially after a bath)
  • Turn on the fan extractor in the laundry and bathrooms and leave it on even after your shower to run for a while
  • Use dehumidifiers in your rooms
  • Be aware that indoor plants which can promote mould growth
  • Carefully check books, toys and stow-aways under your beds
  • Check for any plumbing leaks
  • Dry out wet mats, carpets or rugs immediately
  • Clean regularly as mould is often found in collections of dust
  • Avoid drying clothes indoor

What To Do With Mould, The Solution

Experts recommend the use of white vinegar with a microfiber cloth to promptly remove any trace immediately. For an even more powerful solution, add baking soda or salt to the mixture. Leave it on the surface for at least half an hour before cleaning it.

Alternatively, you could purchase a hospital grade mould disinfectant which is both anti-fungal and sporicidal, unlike domestic grade ones.

N.B. Although bleaches remove visible mould, it won’t kill the spores underneath and may irritate the nose and skin.

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