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Home Security Vacation Alert

With holiday seasons around the corner, home safety when traveling is of paramount importance. Do you have a checklist to ensure that you have taken the essential steps before you lock&leave your home?
Although there is no sure-fire way to protect a break-in for most of us, preventive measures are critical to deter burglary, aside from an installed security system. This 7-point checklist is here to help protect you and your home from theft and break-ins:

1) Ask someone to keep an eye on things (neighbourhood watch)

Nothing beats a good neighbour or a good friend who can drop in periodically. Do provide them with your vacation contact information. A little help may go a long way e.g. taking in the post, putting your garbage bins in and out, packages on the front step or sprinkler system malfunction.

2) Install Timers for Lights

This is particularly effective on not only lights/ lamps at home, but TV or Radio, set at random intervals. It would be difficult to establish a pattern for an external observer. Some security systems offer outlets than can be turned on and off at will from a smartphone.

3) Keep the lawn in  healthy condition

One of the biggest give-away is an unkempt lawn. If you are away for an extended time, it would be wise to schedule a lawnmower company (or pay a neighbourhood kid) to ensure that your lawn is tidy. Of particular importance is if there is a storm, branches will need to be removed. Also ensure that you do not leave things outside to tempt burglars such as bicycles, expensive shoes or toys etc.

4) Mailbox Alert – either stop your mails or get someone to collect them

Contact your local post office and consider having your mail delivered in bulk when you get home. An overflowing mailbox is a dead giveaway.

5) Be careful on what you publish on Social Media

It is always wise to be extra careful of what you post on social media as it can be tracked or traced by an internet-savvy burglar. Posts such as Family Holiday in Bali could be read as an invitation that the home is not occupied. And we all know of famous celebrities who have had their homes broken into for this very reason.

6) Lock Everything and Double Check on your Locks

Double-check that every window and door is locked (including the garage door and the second-floor balcony). And on that note, make sure that your spare key is not stashed somewhere outside.

7) Stash Valuables in a Safe (and keep a list for your insurance company)

Whilst at home, you could be using your jewellery and cash on a regular basis and it may be left on your dresser. However, if you are travelling, carefully stow away all valuable items including passports or precious stones. On that note, take an effort to keep a detailed inventory of valuable possessions, including a description of the items, date of purchase and serial number – or better yet, a photo album with this information. 

Even with this list, remember to plan for your vacation and not rush out of the door at the very last minute. Go through this checklist and ensure that each point is covered well in advance before leaving your home.

If you wish to discuss some ideas or if you have security concerns, our Property Management team would be delighted to help keep you and your home safe.

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