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Preparing for Property Inspections

Property inspections are a regular part of the property journey in Perth – whether you are a property owner renting out or a tenant who is currently renting a residential property. Given how essential it is to ensure that the well-being of the property is maintained, it is in the best interest of both the Owners and Tenants that regular property inspections are conducted by trained property managers.

In Western Australia, property inspections usually fall into one of these three types: – an initial inspection (also known as the first inspection), a regular routine inspection conducted in set intervals and a final inspection conducted post tenancy.

To ensure a positive experience and outcome, here are some general suggestions that you could use as a check-list.

  1. Review the inspection checklist – find out what the inspection is highlighting and the purpose of the inspection. This will help you focus your preparation for the property inspection better.
  2. Clean and Declutter – Properly cleaning the property would help the inspection go smoother and provide a better first impression. Who doesn’t enjoy a clean and organised home?
  3. Remove obstructions – It would be good to remove any clutter so that floor inspections can be performed well; this could be a safety precaution for any trip hazards.
  4. Check compliance regulations – ensure that your property meets the compliance standards in Western Australia. Please refer to our article on Compliance Updates in WA for Rental Properties.
  5. Accessibility – it would be helpful if the property manager could easily access all the rooms at home including the attic and basement.
  6. Questions – write down any questions you have and want to address prior to the inspection so you don’t forget pertinent information or issues.
  7. Documentation – please provide written documentation where possible for any request for maintenance and upkeep.
  8. Pets – if a pet is kept at the property, please ensure that it is adequately secured or confined to a certain area so that the inspection can be conducted without any encumbrance. Some people are uncomfortable around pets and others could have allergies as well.
  9. Be present – you are welcome to be present and it would be great if you could be present in person to answer any questions and explain any requests that you have. However, you do not need to be present physically as inspections are typically performed during business hours and you are given a time frame when this will happen. For most properties, agents have a master key so that they can enter for inspection.
  10. Security – please stash away any cash and valuables you have instead of leaving them around the house as this is best practice.
  11. Exterior check – it would be advisable to check the outside of the property and ensure that the garden is well maintained along with any driveways.
  12. Follow up – after any inspection, follow up with any questions you have may have and the actions that are required. Prompt action helps to maintain the property well and provides a great space for the enjoyment of your home.

Finally, it is worthwhile to note that regular routine inspections are conducted to ensure that there are fair mechanisms in place so that both the Owners and Tenants best interests are provided for as well as regulatory compliance is conformed to.

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