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Protect Your Home from the Storm

The storm is ranked as the most common natural hazard in Australia. It is more prevalent than cyclones, bushfires, earthquakes, floods and even hurricanes. Typically occurring between May to October, here is a checklist on how you can protect your family and property:

1. Trees
Watch out for the branches around the property. Cut them off to prevent them from falling and damaging surrounding property. Then dispose them before the storms arrive. Where necessary, consider hiring a contractor to clear the branches near power lines.

2. Outdoor furniture & furnishings
Any loose furniture could be blown away and pose a hazard so ensure that everything is stored away properly. It is essential that lawnmowers and any electrical tools are not left outside. Special attention is needed for items such as flower pots, compromised roof tiles, patio heaters, bird tables that can be susceptible to strong winds.

3. Gutters/ Downpipes
Check for any blockage and ensure that your gutters and downpipes are cleared. This will prevent an overflow during heavy rains.

4. Electrical fittings
Wisely protect your electrical equipment by connecting them to a power surge protector. If there is lightning, you can take a step further by unplugging your electrical appliances and avoid using your landline telephone.

Furthermore, consider a whole-house surge protective device which is quite affordable and have your electrician install it for you.

5. Emergency Kit
Include a first-aid kit, battery operated radio, a torch with spare batteries and a basic swiss army knife in your Emergency Kit and place it in an easy to reach area.

6. Pets
Make sure that your furry friends have sufficient shelter against the strong winds and heavy rains.

Our Property Managers will welcome a chat if you need any further advice on how to best keep your homes safe during the stormy season.

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