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Staying at Home and Loving It

The world has been changing so rapidly recently and our fast-paced lives are suddenly at a halt when we have been urged to stay home as much as we can in this season. Staying indoors can be especially hard on us Western Australians, given our beautiful weather but there are many ways to keep ourselves happily busy.

Here are some ideas on how we can keep ourselves busy while at home:

  • Upskill and brush up on your micro-credentials which are trending now. You can enrol on online courses such as or watch some TED talk programmes to get started.
  • Household focus on decluttering and spring cleaning is especially important in these times. Incorporate some “hygee” ideas to create a happy home.
  • Reflection Time: write a bucket list and plan happiness into your days and years ahead.
  • Start a gratitude journal – that is the single skill that will help you live your life in a richer way.
  • Initiate a book club or join one for enjoyment and relaxation. Or initiate an arts & craft project, sew or knit or create a DIY project at home.
  • Be connected and reconnect with old friends through the wonderful world of communication technology available today.
  • Explore new nutritious recipes and stay healthy by spending more time preparing your own food. Boost up on fruits, vegetables and bone broths for added immunity. To add on to your cooking creativity, you could prepare a dish a day from a country starting from A right up to Z.
  • Keep fit by doing some light exercise at home if you cannot get outdoors. There are some excellent workout videos online that you can start exploring.
  • Gardening – read our article here on the health benefits of gardening.
  • Stay informed on the latest news and developments but don’t overload on information.

Being in Western Australia gives us another added advantage of the huge online library resources available on the local government websites such as where you can watch free movies, listen to audiobooks as well as access online reading resources.

More importantly, keep looking after yourself and spending time on self-care. This is particularly important in the current environment, especially if you are a care-giver as it will ensure that you can be your best for others.

Furthermore, consider incorporating anchors into your days. We are creatures of habit so having certain predictable moments in our days help provide a sense of stability. Young children especially thrive on routine. Personal anchors include morning routines or a regular activity for example a morning walk, stretching, having breakfast alone, meditation or prayer, family dinners, family games etc.

And for parents who are now home-schooling, keep your children cyber safe through the recommendations found on the government websites.

Let us embrace this new change positively as we seek to protect ourselves, our families, our community and this nation.

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