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What Amenities are Renters in Perth Looking For?

Recent statistics indicate that around 70% of Western Australian homes are owner-occupied while 30% are renter-occupied, which continues to rise as younger generations increasingly choose to rent instead of buying. Aside from the limitation of location and budget, based on our experience as Property Managers in Perth over the last 6 decades, here is a list of the most sought-after amenities Perth tenants are looking for.

1. High-Speed Internet

With the increasing need for connectivity, especially in light of Covid19, good mobile phone reception, as well as internet access, has quickly topped the list as a necessity today.

2. Heating & Cooling

Air-conditioning and heating systems could be deal-breakers for renters. Ceiling fans have also become increasingly popular these days. It is important to ensure that there is adequate heating and cooling systems as the local climate can be subjected to some very hot and cold days in summer and winter.

3. Flooring

Hardwood flooring is quickly becoming the choice of today’s flooring as carpets have proved to be a less hygienic option. This can be especially true if you have your furry friends stay indoors with you. Investing in strategic upgrades such as stainless-steel appliances and hardwood flooring will usually attract higher quality tenants.

4. Pet Policy

With over 40% of Western Australians owning pets, it is considered an important feature to include into the lease. Naturally, a pet policy being in place helps ensure that the property is well cared for.

5. Outdoor entertainment area

Perth, officially dubbed as the Sunniest Capital in Australia, is blessed with a beautiful climate all year round. As Western Australians love outdoor life, having a good outdoor entertainment area is a desirable feature in rentals around Perth. This is especially appreciated given our love for a good Aussie barbeque!

6. Storage Space

Nobody wants clutter in their homes. Storage space helps to keep everything organized and tidy. Walk-in closets and built-in-wardrobes are often sought-after these days.

7. Workspace

This year, the trend of working from home or having a remote office has seen shifts in the need of having an office space for renters in Perth. Having a workspace where they carve out as an office is becoming increasingly popular. Check out our article on “Creating Your WorkSpace from Home” to find creative ways on designing your ideal office at home.

8. Easy-to-Maintain Gardens

Nobody really wants to spend all their weekend tending to the needs of the garden. Given Perth’s dry climate, it is advisable to have water-wise plants and consider ways to save on water consumption. In addition, many FIFO workers would prefer a “lock-up and leave” place to stay and will not have the time or patience in tending demanding gardens. That said, gardening does have some interesting health benefits and this is explained on our blog “Gardening for Better Health“.

9. Appliances

Needless to say, a washing machine and dishwasher have become essential in today’s living. Energy-saving appliances will contribute to a much slimmer bill and a better environment. For effective ways on saving energy, read our article on “19 Ways to Save and have an Eco-Friendly Home“.

10. Public Amenities

Community amenities which are highly favoured these days include fitness centres, grocery stores, public transport, library and restaurants/ bars. Parking facilities could also be important for apartments closer to the city.

Looking at the horizon in our future, research has indicated that the new generation, the Millennials and Generation Z, are placing greater value on experience than possession. This, in turn, will expect to see an increased demand for furnished apartments, centrally located, over the next decade. If you would like to attract high-quality tenants who will love to call your property their home, this would be the perfect time to ensure that you provide these amenities, while the rental markets are sizzling.

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