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Guide: How to Prepare for Inspections

How do you prepare your home for an inspection?

For most Australians, renting a property at some point of their lives is inevitable, therefore you can expect to experience a rental inspection.

Preparing for a rental inspection early, ensuring that your pets are secured, making a list of things you may want to discuss and ensuring that your place is kept cleaned are some pointers to ensure that the inspection runs smoothly.

Here’s a list with some easy-to-implement suggestions to help you understand what is expected and guide you along the way.

General Living Area: Living & Dining

The general living area will usually experience the most amount of traffic. That’s why it is important to check that your floors are vacuumed and stains removed on carpets, that the light fittings and walls are cleaned, the windows and doors properly wiped down.

A particular area often missed is the vents – ensuring that they are dusted off will help air circulation at home as well as prevent mould built-ups. We have also written an article on how to remove mould effectively which provides very helpful ideas.

It is also a good time to check if the doorknobs, locks, electrical switches work well and if not, this can be included in the inspection report for maintenance.


Wet Areas – Kitchen & Bathroom

Wet areas often require a more thorough cleaning to prevent mould and grease from building up. Ensure that the tiles and surfaces are cleaned, the walls and vents to encourage air circulation, stove and griller and drip trays grease-free and kitchen appliances wiped down. Sanitising the toilet and dustbin area would definitely be useful as well as cleaning the storage cupboards ensuring that there are no liquid leaks that may cause permanent staining.

Our article will show you 19 Ways you can effectively save both the environment and costs to become a savvy renter.

Bedrooms and Study

A haven to rest and relax, you would want to have a clutter-free and fresh-smelling bedroom to unwind after a long day’s work. Like the living room, ensuring that the walls, floors, lights, windows, doors and ventilation is clean will go a long way in creating a beautiful place where you can do just that.

Since the COVID pandemic, working remotely has become a fast-growing trend – here are some ideas on how to create that ideal workspace.


Given the beautiful Perth climate, the outdoors is usually a place to entertain or to pass your time enjoying your little private nature escape.

During an inspection, some preparation for cleaning will likely include sweeping and tidying up the patio, weeding the garden and mowing the lawn as well as cleaning the garage, driveway or carport from any oil and grease stains.


Our Property Managers are here to support your rental journey so if you would like further clarification on how to perform the cleaning or would like some tips on cleaning, we would be more than pleased to help!

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